Top foreign cars that Japanese women want their boyfriends to drive

If you’re a single man in the market for a car in Japan, this is the list for you. Over a thousand Japanese women have cast their votes on what foreign car they want a man to pick them up in , and the results are mostly expected, with a few curve balls.

1. BMW
2. Audi
3. Mercedes Benz
4. Porsche
5. Ferrari
6. Jaguar
7. Volvo
8. Mini
9. Hummer
10. Peugeot

There are a few oddballs in the top 10, but most are luxury or exotic sports cars as expected. Any betting woman would guess that nice cars equal deep pockets.

11. Alfa Romeo
11. Volkswagen
13. Chevrolet
14. Lamborghini
14. Rolls Royce
16. Jeep
17. Ford
18. Cadillac

However, we start to see some interesting brands. Volkswagen, Chevrolet, and Ford are quite affordable these days, and are commonplace in the United States. It’s shocking to see the likes of Volkswagen and Chevrolet place above Lamborghini and Rolls Royce.

18. Land Rover
18. Renault
21. Lincoln
22. Fiat
22. Maserati
24. Aston Martin
24. Chrysler
24. Saab
24. Citroen
24. Bentley
29. MG
30. Opel

We even see relatively cheap cars like Fiat tie with Maserati. The troubled Chrysler ties with Bentley as well. It seems like it’s time for women to take another look through the car magazines to see what costs what to avoid heartache. And men, don’t kid yourselves: the Chevrolet Spark isn’t going to, well, spark her interest in you.

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4 thoughts on “Top foreign cars that Japanese women want their boyfriends to drive”

  1. One thing to consider: not all women know — or care about — car brands. When I mention ‘Maserati’ to the average girl she’ll be like ‘wut?’. If female car enthusiasts were interviewed, that’s another story.

    Another thing: I’m not a girl but I would say more expensive isn’t necessarily better. It’s about image: to me BMW is ‘sporty’ and somewhat ‘manly’, Bentley is ‘excessive’, meant for people who’d rather be alone with their other millionaire business partners, and Hummer has some sort of anarchistic, don’t-give-a-fek vibe to it. Don’t forget Volvo has always worked on its safe / family image, which can be attractive as well.

    • Very true on both points. I’m a car enthusiast myself, but not everyone likes to spend as much time as me to study and understand more about cars. At the same time, that other person might know a lot more about book authors that I don’t know about — seems like it’s balanced, but you can’t be driven around in a book Cars are such a big part of our lives.

      And yes, car makes definitely have an image to sell! They’re so well established, even for non drivers.

      • Yeah, everybody has their own interests. I know a few female car lovers, but generally they’re the minority where I live.
        Talking about brand image and the Japanese, the largest car in my neighborhood is actually a Nissan (Tundra). It dwarfs the old Caprice Classic that’s owned by a guy around the corner, and that’s a pretty big car by Dutch standards.


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