Ex-girlfriend sneaks in secret ingredient for a special Valentine’s chocolate

Sometimes when it’s over, it isn’t over! This girl just couldn’t forget about her ex-boyfriend, so she decided to make him a special Valentine’s Day chocolate with a lovely twist.

Original conversation and my translation below:

Good morning!!!
And, Happy Valentine’s!!!

G, good morning!
Happy Valentine’s!

Oh, thanks again for the chocolates yesterday! I didn’t expect a letter, it was nice of you! It was good so I ate them all lol

Haha, you ate them so fast!
Ate them all already??
Oh, sorry about the letter, my handwriting is so bad! (-ω-; )

Yeah, ate them lol
No way, your handwriting was fine!

I’m sorry to bring up the past again, but

I don’t know how to thank you, especially since I’m the one that ended the relationship…

Hehehe ( *´ `*)
I’m looking forward to White Day!! ♡

But you know, about that…

The chocolate you ate, I wanted to put my blood in it since I heard that it works like a love spell. Maybe it was a joke though.

But I thought, blood’s a bit much…

So you know, we’ve kissed right? So kinda like a replacement, I snuck in some of my saliva. Seems like you didn’t notice. Sorry!

Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything? lolol

I felt bad keeping it a secret, so I thought I’d apologize first! Really sorry!


I still love you. I can’t forget you.

I can’t forget you, so that’s why I’ve been wanting to stay friends with you, dragging this relationship. But just friends is tough.
Sorry to be dramatic. I sound a little crazy. I know that it’s one of the reasons you dumped me.

But you know, you’re still kind to me as always, we’re still friends right? That means you like me at least a little, right? You were happy about Valentine’s too! So I want you to think it over, if we can date again…

Ex-girlfriend sneaks in secret ingredient for a special Valentine's chocolate 6
Yes, this really is a thing.

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