Amazing Starbucks in Japan for the nature lover 1

Amazing Starbucks in Japan for the nature lover

A stunning Starbucks in Japan, near the Dazaifu Tenman-gū shrine, has been making waves with its interesting interior design. Seeking toward nature for inspiration, the striking decor pays respect to the beautiful and serene environment that surrounds it. Located near a popular shrine that sees over two million visitors a year, this will surely become one …

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Cats like beer, too.

Japanese Breweries: “Recent youths were brought up drinking juice; their sense of taste have become immature”

Japan’s breweries are facing a phenomenon known as ビール離れ (beer separation/departure), citing that today’s youths were raised drinking sweet drinks like juices and sodas with their meals, and in effect leading to favoring of sweet drinks over the comparatively bitter flavors of beer. Recently beer companies have been combating this issue with sweetly flavored alcoholic drinks, and …

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