Roppongi loses its last arcade 1

Roppongi loses its last arcade

Roppongi, a city in Japan famous for its nightlife, has lost its last arcade. The arcade industry as a whole has been shrinking since the advent of home video game systems from Nintendo and the like, but was relatively healthy as early consoles were much less powerful and therefore lacked the eye-popping visuals. As technology …

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5 Weirdest Dating Sims 2

5 Weirdest Dating Sims

While a relatively obscure video game genre outside Japan, a dating simulator is just that: a game where you play a character in a world where everyone has a crush on you. Popularized by Konami’s Tokimeki Memorial, first released in 1994, it eventually was ported to nearly 10 different platforms.

With time comes improvements, innovation, and of course deviation. Here are the top 5 weirdest dating sims ever released. Click the title to learn more, many of them are free!

1. Princess Arthur (PSP, Japanese)

Let’s start things off with a tame gender reversal! In this alternate reality dating sim for the PSP, Prince Arthur is actually a princess, and you get to be courted by the thirteen knights of the round table. Sorry ladies, this game is only in Japanese. Time to get learning!

Oh, but Princess! We mustn’t!
The manga/anime classic: pinned down, kissing, and tears.
The manga/anime classic: pinned down, kissing, and tears.

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